Hair of the Hare Heir

The return

Shinomen Mori, Usagi

The Party has travelled from the Twilight Mountains along the western edge of the Shinomen Mori. Travelling north, the Toritaka was able to return to the Valley of the Spirits. The Toritaka Daimyo has released Akinari to be a goodwill envoy to the Usagi Clan. Seeing that he was also tasked by the dying wishes of the Usagi Samurai to tell the tale of the fight, it was only appropriate.

After a week’s travel around the north of Shinomen Mori, the group hopes to make it to the edge of the Usagi clan territory. The forest is to your right and back over your left shoulder is the Shinomen Tower, the Unicorn Clan’s vigil over the Forest. Kuni Naku suggests that the group cut through the forest, and immediately becomes tangled in the underbrush. The group continues on. Traveling in the shadow of the forest to stay out of the midday sun, the group was alerted to a small figure running toward them.

Ujina Sora Ookami approached the now visible small girl. She is startled by the party and screams “Samurai!” after a momentary pause she throws a pack roll from her shoulders to the ground, rustling through the pack, mubbling “Samurai, Samurai, Samurai…” She produces a Kataginu and a small Tate Eboshi (Courtier Hat) and quickly places them on. She turns and tries to present herself in a dignified manner. She seems unable to speak and she may be shivering.


In questioning the child she turns to them, the extra clothing is very large on her.
“Samurai, I must bring to your attention to an injustice that is occurring as I speak. A ceremony is being threatened by evil men. And these men mean to do wrong against the peaceful peasants, possibly even killing them.” Her voice breaks to the little girls regular voice, “Maybe killing my uncle too!” She tries to recompose herself, “If you are good Samurai in service of the Emperor and Bushido, you will not let this evil deed happen.” she adds in the little girls voice, “Please!” Her styling is almost Kabuki like in her presentation.

The Kuni realizes that another voice is talking and starts paying attention. He notes that the Kataginu is old and does not recognize the mon. He also notes the little girl’s feet seem bloody but she is not adversely affected by it.



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