Who's Who

Hares/Heirs Apparent

Those who lead:

Usagi Oda Daimyo Was Daimyo when nephew Usagi Benhiko’s group left for the Plains Above Evil, has three children Almost certainly dead
Usagi Ozaki Eldest son Heir to the Usagi Clan; Usagi Gonin has asked the group to go to Shiro Usagi and find clues to his fate Unknown
Usagi Tomoe Middle daughter Was known to be going to Otosan Uchi with Ozaki in search of a marriage while the group was gone Unknown
Usagi Kinotu Youngest son Was sent to Otosan Uchi before the Plains of Evil incident to ask for an investigation and/or intervention into what Usagi Oda felt was harrassment by Scorpion Clan Unknown

“Hey Guys! Let’s go to the Plains Above Evil!”

Those who set out from the Hare lands:

Usagi Benhiko Bushi Usagi Oda’s nephew Dead
Usagi Chiyaku Bushi Benhiko’s Yojimbo Dead
Usagi Keishi Bushi Enthusiastic volunteer, favorite color is red, likes long quiet walks on the beach Dead (first to be torn apart by Gaki)
Ujina Nabeo Bushi Another fan of red and autumn colors, wants to become a veterinarian because he loves children Dead (died trying to help Keishi)
Usagi Naku Kuni Shugenja A little too fond of snakes Not dead yet
Ujina Sora Ookami Bushi Nabeo’s cousin (duh, all Ujina are cousins) Not dead yet

Those they met along the way:

Mori Reclaimer Ronin Found sitting alone at the site of a battle on the Seven Day Battle Plain. He had neatly disposed of all the bodies, and was contemplating his navel when the original six found him Not dead yet
Toritaka Akinari Toritaka Scout Also sometime courier; now goodwill ambassador to Hare Clan Not dead yet
Kitsune Sayo Shugenja Supposed to be an observer from the Fox Clan and assist if needed; escorted from Kyuden Kuni to Meidochi in the Hare lands by Toritaka Akinara Not dead yet

At or Near Hoshi’s Crossing

The good:

Usagi Kazashiro Magistrate of Hoshi’s Crossing Adopted father of Usagi Naku Dead (committed Seppuku after hiding Usagi Gonin from the Scorpion)
Usagi Kimawari Bushi Killed in battle for Hoshi’s Crossing, head is on SW corner of keep Dead
Usagi Nocha Bushi Killed in battle for Hoshi’s Crossing as he made his way to strike Bayushi Tsukahiko; head placed on keep wall Dead
Usagi Kyoka Courtier After Bayushi Tsukahiko ordered her husband Nocha’s head placed on keep wall, the pregnant Kyoka slapped Tsukahiko, and was then beheaded; Tsukahiko allowed her to be burned on the pyre with her Wakizashi because of her spirit Dead
Usagi Gonin Bushi Wounded Samurai from Hoshi’s Crossing, Usagi Courtier to the Unicorn; has said it is his duty to find Heir to the Usagi, and assist him in any way to survive; was in Unicorn lands when news of Scorpion assault and Imperial Edict got to him Not dead yet
Shinjo Floyd Bushi Unicorn friend to Usagi Gonin, cheerful one of the quiet, dirty Unicorn horsemen; says the other are all Moto Not dead yet
(pronounced “Hee”)
Heimin Little girl who approached the party outside Shinomen Mori saying her uncle was being attacked; disappeared after the combat with the Scorpion in the Forest, only leaving behind a Kataginu (vest) and Tate Eboshi (court hat); Akinari has these, as Sayo refused to carry them Unknown

The bad:

Bayushi Tomaru General In charge of assaulting Usagi lands Not dead yet
Bayushi Tsukahiko Gunso Led assault on Hoshi’s Crossing, last seen on a horse riding out a side gate of the keep at Hoshi’s Crossing Not dead yet
Bayushi Henta Nikutai Left in charge of Hoshi’s Crossing, openly harassed the people living there, killed by Bayushi Tsukahiko for insubordination Dead

The ugly:

Reimo Heimin Helped party get to Hoshi’s Crossing Dead
Ichika Heimin Reimo’s wife Not dead yet
Soshi Kakura
“The Crow”
Kuroiban (Black Watch) Was not wearing a mask when found; tall, unkempt hair, pulled back and shows some tattooing around the edge of his face; wears a plain brown kimono, and a wakizashi along with a short wooden stick in his obi; had a necklace with a black bird’s beak around his neck; exuded bad attitude (automatic success to detect that); gave party a satchel of travel papers that had Scorpion stamps Not dead yet


Those who accused the Usagi of using Maho, according to Soshi Kakura (oh right, now THERE’S a trusted source):

Kitsune Hamato Shugenja But not a very good one — Kitsune Sayo says he had a hard time even talking to the family dog
Toritaka Bonugi Bushi According to Toritaki Akinari, the only Toritaka who voiced a negative opinion about Akinari’s mission with the Usagi
Daidoji Unoku Bushi No one has heard of her
Yasuki Taka Yasuki Family Daimyo Merchant family of the Crab, known for being brutal hagglers but do not hide the fact that they are trying to make a profit

Who's Who

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