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What?! Where did you find these? Put them over on that shelf, Over There! Marked Special Interest. Now leave me alone!
-Ikoma Kaoku

The Pass Opens Part 1 Part 2
Shinomen Mori A request for help Combing the Hair of the Forest
Hoshi’s Crossing Blah Blah Blah
Shiro Usagi To There At There After There
Kyuden Miya Having Tea The Message
Back to Shinomen Mori Getting There The Little Shrine
Mottainai-do A Chochin greeting The Biwa The Loom The Hanko The Shovel
The Stirrup and Saddle The Dolls Excuse me honorable Rat man Your approval fills me with shame This is the second best path
The Anvil Kuni Pot Pie Excuse me honorable Rat man, AGAIN! I can see Ozaki No Really forget the the Mujina
Kitsune Sayo Kitsune Sayo’s Tale Kimono Scroll Case
“Random Crap” Walking in Circles

Main Page

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