Ujina Sora Ookami

Usagi Bushi


Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition

Insight Rank 2, Insight 156, School Rank 2

Experience Points 37 Awarded, 0 Unspent


Earth 2 Stamina 2 Willpower 2
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Fire 3 Agility 3 Intelligence 3
Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Void 2

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana 6k3 7k2
Wakizashi 6k3 6k2 Throw 20’
Yumi 5k3 Range 250’, TN + 10 for all attack rolls if on horseback
4k1 (Armor Piercing) Ignore Armor TN bonus
5k3 (Flesh Cutter) Double Armor TN bonus; 1/2 range
3k1 (Humming Bulb) Makes a loud whistling sound
4k1 (Rope Cutter) 2 Free Raises for Called Shots against inanimate objects; 1/2 range
5k2 (Willow Leaf)

Armor TN Bonus: 5; Armor Reduction: 3

TN to Be Hit (REF x 5 + 5 + Armor): 25 (28)

Reduction (Armor + Modifiers): 3

Initiative ((REF + Insight Rank)/REF): 5k3

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 10
Nicked +3 14
Grazed +5 18
Hurt +10 22
Injured +15 26
Crippled +20 30 Move actions become one order more difficult
Down +40 34 Must spend Void to act
Out 38 Cannot act

Rate of Wound Heal (STA x 2 + Insight Rank): 5

Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
Athletics STR 3 6k3 Running X
Defense REF 1 4k3 X
Hunting PER 2 5k3 X
Iajusitu REF 1 4k3
Jiujutsu AG 1 4k3 3k1 damage X
Kenjutsu AG 3 6k3 Katana, +1k0 dam. w/ Katana X
Lore: Bushido INT 1 4k3 sense honor TN30 vs AW
Lore: Heraldry INT 1 4k3 sense Glory TN50-(Glory*5)
Lore: Maho INT 1 4k3 X
Lore: Kolat INT 1 4k3
Lore: Nemurani INT 1 4k3
Kyujutsu REF 2 5k3 X
Investigate PER 3 6k3 Notice, 2nd Search roll at no penalty
Etiquette AW 2 5k3
Stealth (Low) AG 2 5k3 X
Sincerity AW 1 4k3
Glory 4.2 Honor 6.4 Status 0 Infamy 0 Shadowlands Taint 0

School Technique (Usage Bushi)

Rank 1 Speed of the Hare +1 to Water Ring for Move actions
Add Athletics Skill to Armor TN when there is room to maneuver
Rank 2 Leap of the Hare In Full Attack leap forward 15’ this is not a Move action
All attacks must be against this opponent


Kamidana – portable shrine – returns 1 Void/day
Exorcism Wards (2)
Fingers of Jade (6)


Returned the horn of the fortune sacred to the Unicorns.
Have visited Mytonido – Land of lost things.

Ujina Sora Ookami

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