Hair of the Hare Heir


After leaving the realm of Mottanai-do, the party stood before a white burial stone that has a sword shape inset on the base. The ground around was a blanket of moss. It is quiet and serene here.

Usagi Ozaki lays the Clan Ancestral sword on the base. A ghostly image of a hare laying motionless on its side hangs above the blade. Suddenly, a leg kicks and then the visage spasms violently. Black liquid seems to flick away with every kick. The liquid reforms and strikes snake-like back at the lupine legs.

Soon the blackness evaporates and the Hare sits up on weary legs. The ghostly image whispers, “Thank you, My Lord Ozaki. I live to serve you and the clan. May the Warren live.” The image fades and the serenity returns to the tiny grotto as if nothing happened.

The Usagi Daimyo turns to the party. He adjusts the cloth covering his eye and straightens his disheveled clothing. Bowing reverently to the stone, he retrieves the sword and sets it in the scabbard. Usagi Naku offers the eye-patch that Ozaki had given him. “No my friend, you see much better with it. And it will always be your reminder that with all your varied past, you are Usagi.” He turns and starts to walk away, speaking as went.

Ozaki told everyone that they needed to try and uncover the conspiracy that threw down the clan. If in trouble, find either Usagi Gonin or Ujina Futamori and they should be able to assist. He had a few leads that he wanted to check and that he would call the party if needed.

As Usagi Ozaki spoke, the area grew foggy and then there was a flash of bright light.

The flash cleared and the Ujina, Kitsune and Toritaka found themselves alone in the forest. The Kitsune could only say that she knew they were still in the Shinomen Mori and which way was East. Taking a guess she led them to the eastern edge of the Shinomen Mori.

A duel was taking place between a Scorpion and another man. There were two others watching the fight. The Ujina came out of the treeline and approached the fight which broke the concentration of all the people except the Scorpion who struck his opponent. The fight turned into a skirmish and the Scorpion was victorious. He thanked you for your help. He said you have been much more helpful than you would ever know.

Before he left he said if there was anything they ever needed and they were in Ryoko Owari, to go to the teardrop island and have their sword polished. And ask for Saruchan.

Usagi Naku appeared in a dark cave with a pool of water in front of him. A female form surfaces from the water. When her waste clears the water, a serpent body finishes her form. A slight smile appears on her face but then sinks away, “I welcome you, my son, this is an important meeting for you…please stand up straight.” and she led him into the audience chamber where 3 other naga stand waiting.

Mori noticed the flash of light. But when the vision returned he was alone. Wandering through the Shinomen, he came upon a small hunting house. Outside there were two individuals, tied up. One was a slight form wearing green and the other was a larger form in yellow armor. The large man was also very loud. As Mori approached, a bandit came out of the burned out house and spotted him.

The return
Shinomen Mori, Usagi

The Party has travelled from the Twilight Mountains along the western edge of the Shinomen Mori. Travelling north, the Toritaka was able to return to the Valley of the Spirits. The Toritaka Daimyo has released Akinari to be a goodwill envoy to the Usagi Clan. Seeing that he was also tasked by the dying wishes of the Usagi Samurai to tell the tale of the fight, it was only appropriate.

After a week’s travel around the north of Shinomen Mori, the group hopes to make it to the edge of the Usagi clan territory. The forest is to your right and back over your left shoulder is the Shinomen Tower, the Unicorn Clan’s vigil over the Forest. Kuni Naku suggests that the group cut through the forest, and immediately becomes tangled in the underbrush. The group continues on. Traveling in the shadow of the forest to stay out of the midday sun, the group was alerted to a small figure running toward them.

Ujina Sora Ookami approached the now visible small girl. She is startled by the party and screams “Samurai!” after a momentary pause she throws a pack roll from her shoulders to the ground, rustling through the pack, mubbling “Samurai, Samurai, Samurai…” She produces a Kataginu and a small Tate Eboshi (Courtier Hat) and quickly places them on. She turns and tries to present herself in a dignified manner. She seems unable to speak and she may be shivering.


In questioning the child she turns to them, the extra clothing is very large on her.
“Samurai, I must bring to your attention to an injustice that is occurring as I speak. A ceremony is being threatened by evil men. And these men mean to do wrong against the peaceful peasants, possibly even killing them.” Her voice breaks to the little girls regular voice, “Maybe killing my uncle too!” She tries to recompose herself, “If you are good Samurai in service of the Emperor and Bushido, you will not let this evil deed happen.” she adds in the little girls voice, “Please!” Her styling is almost Kabuki like in her presentation.

The Kuni realizes that another voice is talking and starts paying attention. He notes that the Kataginu is old and does not recognize the mon. He also notes the little girl’s feet seem bloody but she is not adversely affected by it.


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